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Learn how to play to your strengths, influence your team and access your flow state all without compromising your standards, getting bogged down by internal politics or without falling out of love with your craft.

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Unblock your path.

Build a clear vision and the confidence needed to navigate high pressure work environments, embrace change, make better decisions and cultivate successful working relationships.

"Kate is a thoughtful and sincere coach, who helped me think through complex situations at work, and gently challenged me to consider them from different situations. I greatly enjoyed and appreciated our work together."

— Tom Broxton (Google)

“Kate has an enchanting way to listen, identify, and bring out designer's talents, alongside defining structures and processes to help designers succeed. I personally have benefited from her confidence-building approach, and look forward to bringing her energy and character into my professional sphere in the future.”

— Mark Jackel (Playfields)

"Before the design coaching session, I was really feeling huge uncertainty about my capabilities as UX Researcher. Now I'm feeling huge relief because I know what steps I should take to solve my problem and how to make bigger progress in the UX field.”

— Greta Bartkute (Entain)

"I didn't feel lost anymore. It was an experience that I really think I needed in terms of my career path and what I wanted to achieve and what I actually wouldn't have thought of. It really opened my eyes to a different way to approach a brief and unwire that confusion in my brain. Hand on heart, I cannot recommend Kate highly enough.”

— Chloe Alfano (Discovery Inc.)

“Kate has been a truly amazing mentor to me. Kate has always tried to help me become a better version of myself rather than trying to shape me to her perspective. Kate has opened up and broadened my thinking. Her constant support has been amazing.”

— Furquan Ahmad (Ford Labs)

"Before the session I felt overwhelmed, stressed and uncertain. After a session with Kate I felt assured, focused and hopeful. 
Coaching is like jumping into a pool: you know why you're even considering it, but fear is holding you back with all of its negativity. Give Kate a try and I promise you will ask yourself why you haven't done it earlier, and more often."

— David Chiang

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